Monday, December 11, 2017

Bob Moss

Bob Moss

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Moss Construction | FORT LAUDERDALE

Dad to Chad, 46, and Scott, 43

“We had our sons when we were young and we grew up with them. Both obtained construction degrees, and now we own a very successful busi­ness together.”

The main difference between life before children and life after children is…

Life before children was freedom and less responsibility. Life after was parental responsibili­ties, supporting our sons’ agendas and educa­tion—and the joy of watching our children learn and succeed.

The greatest rewards of fatherhood are:

Fatherhood is one of the greatest privileges and joys of life, watching our children become respon­sible adults.

The greatest challenges of fatherhood have been:

Finding adequate time and opportunities to enjoy life together.

The one piece of advice he hopes his kids take most to heart as they go through life:

Treat others like you want to be treated.