Monday, December 11, 2017

Cold Comfort

 CREAM Nation is making its mark in Weston, thanks to a local high school sophomore’s forward thinking.

High school sophomore Armando Martinez had an assignment for his DECA club competition: pick a company that was already in business and come up with an international business plan.

When his dad suggested Cream (an acronym for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” which explains their massive ice cream sandwiches made with homemade Snickerdoodles and Turtle cookies, among other varieties), an ice cream shop in San Francisco that he had visited on business trips out west, Armando agreed—and set out on a trip to see the place and meet Cream founder Jimmy Shamieh. For the contest, Armando laid out plans for Cream franchises in Australia, where there is no ice cream place like it, and took first place in the statewide contest.

Fast-forward to this year, and the Martinez family—Venezuela natives who came to the U.S. so Armando’s father could study for his Ph.D here—is at the helm of a Weston-based Cream franchise.

The shop, which serves up all kinds of ice cream-based treats from scoops to shakes and floats and even a “Cream Taco” in a waffle-cone taco shell, has been drawing in hungry hordes since the day it opened, with lines often trailing out the door. Not surprising, considering BuzzFeed has named it among “27 Ice Cream Shops You Need to Visit Before You Die.” More than once, we’d argue, given the summer heat is on its way. Cream is located at 4448 Weston Road; call 954-385-4937 or visit