Monday, December 11, 2017

Shape Up – Eli Sapharti


Author, From Fat Boy to Fit Man

How would you advise a person who is desperate to get into shape to start what often seems like it’s going to be a daunting task?

The very first thing I would tell a person desperate to get into shape is to stop or reduce their desperation. When we do things out of desperation, we end up having false expectations that lead us to ultimately losing faith in the process and quitting all together. Ultimate success comes from doing something toward your goals everyday consistently.

What are three major things that sabotage our efforts to lose weight and get in shape?

Setting goals that are unrealistic to gain short- term gratification. (For example, setting a goal of losing “X” amount of weight in “X” amount of time.) Making excuses to ourselves. For example, excuses about why we can’t exercise today or why we “de – serve” that piece of cake or slice of pizza. What we must work on in order to successfully lose weight and get in shape is to start being honest with ourselves and call ourselves out. And expecting to go from 0-100 overnight. In order to succeed at maintaining any exercise routine you have to slowly build up to it by creating a commitment of maybe 15 minutes per day and build up from there every few weeks or even every couple of months.

Do you find nutrition and exercise to be of equal importance?

This question has several right answers, depending on each individual’s goals and where they are start – ing from. For instance, someone who is 100 pounds overweight can make very small changes to their nutrition, such as not drinking sugared soft drinks or juices, and they may see immediate weight loss al – though they continue eating burgers, fries, pizza and desserts. Someone in better shape and with only a few pounds to lose must make much stricter changes in order to see the same results. Regular exercise will help speed up the process and in turn also help get the body healthier and fitter

What is the healthy motto you live by?

As you will tell by the title of my book From Fat Boy to Fit Man: A One Step at a Time Story of Success, the motto I live by in terms of health and life in general is “one step at a time”. This motto is more than mere words to me. Not only do I live by them daily, but I do my best to instill them in others as a way of life for sustainable weight-loss and fitness goals.