2019 Acura NSX & 2020 Acura RDX

Acura’s hot new tech, colors, and style might surprise you

By Davio Rodriguez

2019 Acura NSX

Acura is a Japanese-American brand still known for inspiring the creation of the Japanese luxury auto market, which in turn inspired rivals Toyota and Nissan to create their own luxury line-ups. With international stakes in the world’s most crucial auto markets, Acura has continued to lead the pack through fearless and constant innovation. Paying tribute to more than 30 years of design is the new-for-’19 Acura NSX. This purely technological upgrade from last year’s model serves to inject modernity into the line-up, while still maintaining the legacy inherited from the 1990 NSX—the original Japanese supercar. In addition, staying ahead of the curve in the luxury crossover market is just as important to Acura, as the new 2020 Acura RDX shows. Available in gas or hybrid, the RDX is a classed-up reimagining of the American family van. Diametrically opposed in function, yet sharing the same Acura DNA, these two vehicles trend-set within their markets in a way that is classically Acura.

The 2019 NSX Sports Car

2019 Acura NSX

No auto journalist can talk about the NSX without talking about VTEC—Honda’s own variable valve timing system that revolutionized the North American market when it was first utilized. Compared to conventional methods, VTEC drastically improves fuel efficiency at lower RPMs and performance at high RPMs. This set a standard that has been desperately imitated or improved upon by North American auto makers since the system’s 1990 NSX debut. VTEC belonged to the NSX’s first generation—while our 2019 model belongs to the second, which instead relies on a triad of electric motors for a nifty torque-based advantage. Despite this, it’s important to discuss the VTEC because, while now obsolete, it represents within the auto world the vision of Acura’s NSX—experimentation. The all-new 2019 NSX remains true to this vision, and announces itself as the genuine spiritual successor of that first NSX. This next-gen supercar boasts a menagerie of strange, new features better at home within science fiction: sport hybrid super-handling, for better yaw control and acceleration; mixed-material body for a construction that improves both flexibility and rigidity; and total airflow management, complete with 10 intake points for better cooling and aerodynamics. The new NSX also boasts a nine-speed automatic, 573-horsepower, 21 MPG, 3.5-L V6 engine and a greatly updated aesthetic—pairing with the new thermal orange color pulls together the sort of exotic Ferrari-Bugatti-Lamborghini style that puts a fuzzy feeling into the chest of car-enthusiasts and entry-level drivers alike. Is this love, or a fling? Either way, we’re eagerly along for the ride.

The 2020 RDX Luxury Crossover

2020 Acura RDX Advance

Crossovers, perhaps as soon as 2014, have quickly become  one the most popular vehicles in America. Part-minivan, SUV, and sedan, the crossover is America’s favorite mutt because of its versatility and spaciousness—features most American families, with an average of two children per household, cannot live without. Today, crossovers make up more than 50 percent of vehicles on American roads. This new taste for crossovers was born from experimental gambits by several Japanese auto makers back in the mid-1990s, from which Acura’s first RDX sprung. The 2006 model was the company’s first luxury crossover. Not quite the company’s first crossover, as that title goes to the Acura MDX, which was replaced as the entry-level crossover for the brand as MDX models rose in size and price. Luxury crossovers were a risk in the mid-2000s, but today that risk has bore fruit—the 2020 RDX. A hearty 272-horsepower, 2.0-L turbocharged engine, running on a beefed up version of VTEC. A combined MPG rating of 24 and available AWD improves efficiency and handling well into the comfort zone of most families. This has been the line-up’s major selling point in the past, and they know it. Their attention to the American family becomes more apparent inside, as plush Milano seating, tons of legroom and a myriad of media-playing devices make clear. With novel style and endless features, this crossover is meant for the American family of today, or even the collector/enthusiast of tomorrow. 

To test drive one of the models reviewed here, visit Rick Case Acura on 875 N State Road 7, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317. Call 954-715-7798 or visit RickCaseAcura.com to learn more.

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