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2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider & GTV

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By Davio Rodriguez

In writing this section, I always pick a make’s biggest, heaviest car and their smallest, quickest car, in a way to demonstrate a brand’s range and to entice more readers. But Alfa Romeo is a special case. Sure, I can tell you the rumors behind the 2020 Stelvio SUV—what the biggest auto sources and publications speculate it will, or won’t be. But, I think I can teach you something new about Alfa itself, when I talk about the 2020 4C Spider: a racing champ, and the 2020 GTV: a resurrected icon meant to challenge old design rules. “Performance first” could be Alfa’s most important axiom, as it dictates the lives—and lore—of these unique machines. 

2020 4C Spider 

If you’ve got a subscription, you might recall last November when we talked about Alfa Romeo —specifically the 2019 4C Spider. We talked about some of the new-for-’19 features that model got, and how some saw it as the crest of a renewed craze for foreign speedsters. Because of this, news of the 4C line getting retired was an instant shock to everyone. At some point, during endless meetings and focus groups, it was decided that the Alfa Romeo 4C line, despite tasteful curves and street-dominating power, was too much for the average American consumer. All but the Spider — the sole survivor. Indeed, it was announced in June that the 4C Spider, the strongest of the line in performance and sales, will remain for a 2020 production year. And so, we have word of the 2020 Spider, a sort of “golden child” meant to re-empower the family name. It does this by doubling-down on performance: 1.75L turbo four-cylinder engine, 24 city MPG and 34 highway, with 237 horsepower, capable of going 0-to-60 mph in 4.1 seconds. The focus is still power.  In a departing gesture, Alfa Romeo has also released the Spider Italia—a sportier, special-edition version, hand-crafted in Italy, that’ll only see 15 units produced. Like all good things, the Spider won’t be here forever: celebrities and collectors alike better act fast before it’s gone. 

2020 GTV

At a glance the only way to describe the 2020 Alfa Romeo GTV is: iconic. The Gran Turismo Veloce of the ‘80s and ‘90s was the dream coupe that established Alfa Romeo’s racing heritage in the minds of American motorists. Thanks to appearances in American cinema staples, like Octopussy and Vice Squad, the GTV earned a connection with neo-noir—slick-wet asphalt roads, glittering neon, steel and glass, dangerous men and crowded, dark nightclubs…The 2020 GTV banks on this feeling with an updated look, keeping the familiar triangular front-grille as a minimalist reminder of the GTV’s design legacy. There are physical similarities to the Giulia, which the GTV may replace as the brand’s sport sedan. The silhouette’s once-sharp corners are rounded and less boxy than previous models. Inside, a powerful, hybridized 600-horsepower engine for the higher-end Quadrifoglio tier or a 2.0L, 300-horsepower engine for the entry tier. Alfa Romeo doesn’t seem in a rush to announce a release date, so don’t expect a GTV in your driveway until 2021. 

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