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Who was the first person you remember that inspired you to get into fitness? Maybe it was someone in your family or maybe it was watching Jane Fonda videos with your mom…

My parents met while my mother was teaching a yoga class. My father is a medical doctor who owned a weight loss center in my native country, Venezuela. My mother was a vegetarian at the time I was born so I was raised on a vegetarian diet. I am not currently vegetarian but have definitely been inspired by my mother’s healthy lifestyle and my father’s business and career.

While on the topic of vitamins, what are vitamins that should be incorporated into an individual’s daily routine? For example, I recently discovered the importance of digestive enzymes and now I’m hooked. It really helps with bloating.

People say “you are what you eat” and I disagree with that too! “You are what your body can properly digest” so a digestive enzyme and a natural multivitamin should always be on your list.

From your observation, what is the realistic amount of time it would take a person to stick to a healthy habit? Is it really doing something consecutively for 30 days, or more? 

Many people have been able to stick to a plan for 30 days or more only to fall off the wagon eventually. More than a habit it’s a daily choice that starts with self-love. When you take care of your body because you love it, and not to change the way it looks you’ll be able to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

What do you bring to the fitness world that would make someone want to train with you?

I bring joy to everything that I do. One of the most common misconceptions is to think that eating healthy is boring and exercising is hard! Not at all! Who said healthy can’t be tasty? And who said fitness can’t be fun? When you find joy in these two things you won’t be able to stop doing them.

List three of your all-time favorites when it comes to fitness…

Tabata Training

Exercise Bands

Jacobs Ladder

How do you manage when you wake up with aches and pains or just find yourself in a slump? How do you hack your brain out of that feeling?

After 18 years in this industry I’ve realized there’s no way around it: you gotta get up and get moving.

What’s your motivating battle cry or the mantra you live by? 

Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!

Aside from the daily workout routine, what do you feel is essential to staying healthy and in shape that most individuals overlook (perhaps it is taking vitamims, or sleep or incorporating meditation)… 

People talk about the 80/20 Rule. 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise—I don’t agree with this rule. For me the mindfulness component is key.

• 50 percent Mindfulness (mind, spirit & joy)

Most people overeat due to stress and anxiety. Once you discover different ways to relax, feel centered and enjoy life, sticking to your diet is way easier.

• 30 percent Nutrition

Eating whole natural foods is key. No need for miracle diets or supplements. Stick to the basics like a caveman: hunt, fish & gather!

• 20 percent Exercise

Your body was made to move! So, get up and get moving…your body doesn’t know the difference between getting its cardio dancing or while on the treadmill. So find something that you enjoy and remember: cardio and resistance training is the winning combo. 

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