All Well & Good – April 2018

Digital Detox

By Alison Ryan
Addicted to technology? Wired and tired? The answer for most is a resounding, “Yes!” If you could use a break from the non-stop world of ringing and beeping cell phones and the immediacy of social media, try a digital detox. It can be as simple as turning off your smartphones and electronic devices for 24 hours and, eventually, building up to 72 hours. During that time, plan something enjoyable, from reading a book to connecting with friends and family or taking a yoga class. Here are some digital detox tips from Sacred Space Miami, a Wynwood hotspot for personal growth and transformation that offers creative programs and events, as well as plant-based cuisine and education.
• Bring digitally intoxicated minds to rest by including daily rituals of applying oils, such as body oils from Jiva-Apoha, and massaging the entire body. Rooted in the Ayurvedic traditions, we bring back attention to our physical bodies. This will drive attention into the present moment, experiencing a real re-connection to our natural state of being.
• Use natural tools that can assist with a detox. Carrying crystals throughout the day serves as a channel for digital detox. We personally enjoy sleeping with amethyst crystals,
which helps promote a healthy energy field to sleep.
• There’s nothing a hot bath won’t cure. Our specially formulated Pursoma Digital Detox bath salts pull toxins out and its ingredients, clay powder and French grey sea salt,
help attain better sleep and reduce the tension and stress that often result from the
overuse of technology.
• Pick up a book to nourish your intellect, dreams and minds. Learning to heal our minds and bodies is crucial, and to thrive, keeping a book as your companion is one of our favorite things to do. A favorite at TSS is You Can Heal Your Life by self-help author Louise Hay.
• Reduce the eff ects of radiation from the constant exposure to digital devices. We carry an amazing product from Aires Technologies ( that works in reducing the radiation from phones, tablets, computer and WiFi devices. Check Sacred Space’s monthly calendar for a variety of workshops and experiences to detox, connect and release.
The Sacred Space Miami, 105 NE 24th St., Miami, 305.644.3555;

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