Born Abroad, Calling Weston Home, and Living the American Dream…

Russian Roots, American Fruits

The Marinbergs’ self described “oil and vinegar” mix has made for a strong Weston family with vibrant family traditions and values. | By Eric Edelman

The courtship tale of Bill and Mariann Marinberg is the stuff rom-coms are made of. As the saying goes, “opposites attract,” but as Mariann Marinberg puts it, they were “oil and vinegar” but eventually made for a nice salad. A California girl, Mariann’s Pacific Coast mindset and Bill’s Chicago-carved, Midwestern sensibilities could’ve been perceived as very different on the surface—maybe too different from one another. Despite meeting each other later in life, and complete strangers at the time they met, they shared a unique cultural connection—the eventual matriarch and patriarch of the Marinberg clan were both of Russian-Jewish descent. “ I came to America when I was almost 10 and Bill when he was three,” Mariann says. “We speak Russian at home with our parents as well as our children. Although we went to school in the States and consider ourselves typical Americans, we hold many customs that have been passed down from our parents, including the importance of having a Jewish faith.” With family histories much closer than they would’ve initially known, they eventually made things official, and after getting married, the couple called Bill’s hometown of Chicago home for nearly two decades—until deciding to make a change further south and in a much warmer climate than the frigid Chicago winters. “After we got married, we lived in Chicago for 17 years until we decided to relocate to South Florida and [the] Weston area in particular,” Mariann recalls. 

While fully assimilated as Americans who speak fluent English and Russian, Mariann and Bill don’t have the typical Weston home. While Broward County is home to a large Jewish community, many of whom hail from similar Eastern European stock as the Marinbergs, few have a visceral awareness of virulent persecution and discrimination like the Marinbergs, whose families experienced visceral antisemitism in their native Russia. “In 1979 being Jewish in Russia was not a welcoming situation, Jews were in danger,” Mariann emphasizes. “We never forget the privilege of being able to live in America and therefore we make sure to practice traditions that many could not.” Weston is considered to be a cozy suburban enclave, but it’s as diverse and flourishing with integration as any major metropolis. This diversity ensures the Marinbergs are right at home, and even when they aren’t at home, Mariann cites international travel as another way of instilling appreciation in the family. “Bill and I travel very often, alone as well as with our three children. We try to instill the appreciation of how lucky we are to be Americans around the world. We have privileges here that many other people do not have across the world.” This modest self-awareness present in both Mariann and Bill is reflected in their professional endeavors. Mariann is a director of marketing and events for Prestige Imports, a high-end luxury automotive dealer that handles iconic brands like Lamborghini and Pagani. Bill has a background in “high quality remodeling,” according to Mariann. Bill’s expertise, along with Mariann’s support, would lead to the Marinbergs’ family-owned business, Studio 75, which won a Best of Weston Award in 2019 and bills itself as a “[one] stop shop for kitchen design, cabinetry, counter tops, hardware, plumbing supplies, tile and much much more [sic].” 

Their appreciation also extends to local charitable initiatives, which both halves of the Marinberg couple are actively involved in facilitating, namely organizations like JAFCO, ACEing Autism, Women of Tomorrow and Ride2Revive. The Marinbergs also proudly support Weston’s prominent real estate sector through projects and collaborations with affiliates like Universal Granite and others. With successful businesses and the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, they wouldn’t have it any other way, at least according to Mariann. “We love Weston, our kids have gone and go to school here, and our favorite restaurants, spas, and [businesses] are here. We love to boat, so possibly adding a second home near the water is in our near future.” 

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