From The Editor: Francesca Cruz

Dear Mothers, on behalf of my team and me, we wish you a very blessed Mother’s Day and thank you for continuing to be a part of our family. Recently my publisher Jeff lost his mom to cancer and it placed me in a position to think about my own mom (who is a stroke survivor) and my grandma, who helped my mom raise my brother and me (and passed in 2013). 

I can thank both these ladies for every possible virtue I may have, or even aspire to gain in this life. Both my mom and granny led by example. Aside from being loving and nurturing, they were fearless, ambitious, kind, honorable, generous, thoughtful, positive, enthusiastic, and dedicated to family. They taught me to be disciplined, but also showered me with love and encouragement. If I am so pro-women, it’s because of them. They instilled in me the belief that we are all born with unique qualities and with a purpose. The more we bless others (particularly other women) the more we are blessed in life. Mommy and Abuelita Emelina, and my Abuelita Charo as well, thank you. I shall love you all eternally. 

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