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Tis the Season
December is my favorite month. Yes, I was born in December, so that’s a good reason, but it also happens to be the most festive of all months, and who doesn’t love a party? It’s the time of year when family gets together…there’s food, spirits, cheer, plenty of music, laughter…we get to enjoy the company of certain friends and family we really don’t get a chance to see until this time of year. It’s also the end of one year, and the “bright and shining opportunity” to ring in a baby brand new one. Growing up in a Cuban household meant participating in a lot of rituals to bring in the new year: eating lentils for prosperity, wearing red to ward off negativity, throwing a bucket of water out the front door as the clock strikes midnight for luck, or ringing bells to welcome in good spirits. I love that about the Hispanic culture, we’re very much tied to traditions and pomp & circumstance, and it’s passed down from generation to generation. And yes, I will be participating in most of these traditions and a few I’ve picked up on my many travels. I like the idea of curating your own narrative on tradition and throwing a bit of wanderlust balsam to the mix, and seeing how this is the Gift Guide and Travel Issue, I found it kismet. On behalf of my team and me, we’d like to wish you all the happiest of holidays and a most blessed New Year.
Besos and blessings,
Francesca Cruz

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