Healing With Energy

Healing with Energy
Written by Rachel Schonberger
Experienced by Carla A. Ferreyros 
Dr. Elizabeth Trattner works individually with clients to identify their skin care needs and help them achieve healthy, clear skin. This past week, Dr. Trattner helped me reach ultimate calmness and comfort with recommendations personalized to my needs. Not only did she present dietary suggestions custom to my concerns, but she also used crystals and gemstones to heal and detoxify my body. Dating back thousands of years, crystals and gemstones have been used in Chinese and other cultural medicines. Trattner used a 26-pound gemstone heated amethyst mat to help me reduce pain and stress, improve skin and the immune system and facilitate further healing.

She then used the following crystals to open my energy centers and chakras: hematite and roselite on my first chakra, carnelian and aragonite on my second chakra, citrine, honey chalcedone and Herkimer diamonds on my third chakra, green aventurite, tourmaline, giant lilac rose quartz and kunzite on my fourth chakra, kunzite on my fifth chakra, and amethyst and clear quartz gemstones on my sixth and seventh chakras.

Next, she performed “gua sha,” a skin treatment using Ayuna serenity serum, which calmed my skin and increased blood circulation. With a face mask and rose quartz roller, my face felt brand new with a clear complexion, preparing me for the next step: facial acupuncture. This practice can reduce the visual effects of aging and rejuvenate your body, putting you in a trance of serenity.

After applying gemstones to my face and using sound therapy to relax my mind, Trattner lathered my hands and feet in Ayuna body cream, and Swarovski ear seeds allowed me to reach my peak relaxation.
Dr. Trattner uses the cosmetic line, Ayuna, which is available to purchase now; to receive 15% OFF and free shipping, use code “dreliztratts.”

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