Hey Kid, Nice Shirt!

by Michael Isenbek

 A child’s coloring book just sit there, gathering dust in a bookcase or pages of it grace a refrigerator—but thanks to Color ParTee, kids can sport their coloring efforts everywhere they go as t-shirt art.

The procedure is simple and DIY-friendly: kids select one of the images, color it in with water pens, iron it onto the garment and—voila—an immediately wearable, graphic-sporting t-shirt. 

Each package contains a selection of images, heat transfer coloring paper, 12 watercolor pens, one Teflon paper, instructions, and a zip bag. The “Boy Pack” or the “Girl Pack” can be purchased separately for $19.99 and the combined “ParTee Pack” is $29.99. Don’t forget to purchase some t-shirts, as they are not included. 

The images are kid-friendly and right at home on a child’s garment: the “Girl Pack” set contains a dolphin, unicorn, cute cat, mermaid, princess and soaring girl superhero. The “Boy Pack” contains a fiery basketball, dog, two different superheroes, a guitar-playing teddy bear and a monster truck. The “Partee Pack” combines both.

Top marketing expert and Miami Beach denizen Jade Zantout conjured up this venture as a response to the strong pull that electronic devices have on today’s children. “As a creative enthusiast and proud uncle, it saddens me to see millions of kids glued to their electronic devices these days rather than socializing with the people around them or doing more crafts like I did growing up,” he says, declaring “…let’s get back to basics and recreate something special that children love to do like coloring, but then take it to the next level and let them wear their designs.”

Prior to the Color ParTee venture, Zantout founded Couture Branding upon moving to Miami Beach in 2014. The company is a consulting firm for up-and-coming startup businesses in the fashion and lifestyle industries. Zantout was born in Beirut and raised in Montreal. After graduating from Concordia University in 2003, he embarked on a globe-spanning career in marketing and brand building. He was first employed at one of Beirut’s top advertising agencies, and then moved to Dubai to work as an investment consultant for Citibank. At this point in his career, Zantout desired a more creative type of job, which led to a lengthy tenure with Maserati, culminating in a position as senior product marketing manager for locales all over the world—then he felt the call of Miami Beach. 

What does the future hold for Color ParTee? “Expansion” is a key word, with Zantout revealing a demand for customized ParTee Packs and images created solely for world-famous hotels, cruise lines, corporations and kids’ clubs.

For more information, visit colorpartee.com.

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