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A Millionaire Mentor Gives Back on Instagram

Successful Miami entrepreneur Jason Stone provides
Motivation, Inspiration, and Opportunity to millions of followers.

By Michael Isenbek

At the top of the Millionaire Mentor Instagram page (@Millionaire_Mentor), directly to the right of the distinctive logo, are the words “Motivation, Inspiration, Opportunity,” and that about sums up the intent of Jason Stone’s wildly popular place in the IG universe.

With modest beginnings in a blue-collar family, Stone went to college for mechanical engineering, and then found success in the e-commerce and automotive industry arenas with his Treadstone Performance Engineering, Inc. business, specializing in high-performance turbocharging parts for cars—a still-robust venture 20 years on from its founding. At the same time, Stone has gradually built up expertise in a wide variety of fields, as a serial entrepreneur/polymath.

It can be said that Millionaire Mentor was born from a “making lemonade with lemons” moment—vacation Instagram photos revealed that the Stone family residence was unoccupied, and led to a burglary, and the subsequent deletion of Jason’s original IG account. Wanting to return to the platform, Stone decided to create an alter ego of sorts, and Millionaire Mentor was born.

In this Q&A, he speaks about his beginnings, life as an Instagram star, fatherhood, the concept of luxury, and more.

How did you get started being an entrepreneur? 

I was always buying and selling stuff, selling candy at school. I always had that entrepreneurial spirit inside of me, wanting to make money on my own.

What inspired your Millionaire Mentor venture?

About five years ago, we had taken the kids to Orlando, and back then [my wife and I] had our personal Instagram accounts…while we were in Orlando, our house [in Miami] was robbed. So, we came back, everything was gone…the reason why our house got robbed was because of social media. We posted that we were out of town…big pictures of what we ate, so I deleted both of our Instagram accounts…a couple of weeks later, I decided to start another account, and I decided I was going to hide behind this account, so nobody knew it was me, and I was already semi-successful with my first business—Treadstone Performance, and I’ve always thought of myself as a good teacher, a good mentor, I was always good at explaining things… I was a millionaire at the time, and I decided to open an account called Millionaire Mentor. So [I’m] posting pictures of my business, things that I’ve learned throughout my years in business, as an entrepreneur, posting cool pictures, like luxury pictures, car pictures, luxury houses, vacations, and also combining those with motivational quotes, and that’s how the account got started. [I] just wanted to give back, pretty much. 

You have over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, what’s it like being so well known and sought-after on social media?

I don’t really think anything of it. But like, everywhere I go, I get noticed by people, people come up to me and take pictures with me all the time. I’m just a normal person, there’s nothing special, I just got a bunch of followers on Instagram, and I talk to my followers, but it’s crazy, it’s surreal, I can’t go out without being noticed…don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool feeling, for people to know you, because everybody likes that feeling, but I don’t think anything of it, like I’m some big-shot celebrity or something.

You have cited success and expertise in such industries as business development, organizational leadership, global strategy, engineering, e-commerce, marketing, advertising, technology, automotive, health & wellness, and growth hacking. How did you become so well versed in such a diverse assortment of niches? 

I grew my Instagram pretty quick, and I started getting hit up by multiple different companies, to help them advertise… They want access to my platform, eyeballs that I have, so I started taking on other investments, or other ventures …I do a lot of sales in affiliate marketing, and that’s because the niche I’m in, on Instagram, people want to learn how to make money, people want to learn how to get into business, so I’m able to affiliate market for all of these experts and gurus… I advertise for companies, and I see how they operate…every company that advertises, I go through, I click, I see what works for them, they tell me what [was] working and what wasn’t working. So, I know how to advertise on social media, for all these different companies, it makes me learn every single day when I’m learning from all these other companies, learning from all my other investments, and it’s just an everyday learning process.

What is your go-to quote when you need to feel motivated?

One quote’s always stood out for me, “always have the confidence of experience even if you have neither.”…That means when you’re going to a place you’ve never been before… act like you know what you’re doing, act like you know where you’re going…when you’re speaking to people and you walk into a room with other people, that you should have confidence, whether you feel confident or not, because it will show and radiate from you—even if you’re acting and trying to fake confidence…people are always like, “where do I go, what do I do…what do I write, what do I think, what do I say?” Just act confident!

How has being a dad changed your life? What is most important to you related to raising children?

I get that question a lot, “how do you balance all your business endeavors and everything you’ve got going on right now with your wife and your family,” and I say, “there is no balance!” It’s a constant struggle of trying to balance that out, and spending more time with the kids…I’m [trying to build] my [business] around my life, instead of building my life around my business. So, I’m not trying to get tied down to certain locations, or have to go into an office…

What does the concept of “luxury” mean to you?

Luxury is just like being able to do what you want when you want, whenever you want …when you are in control of your life, not being told what to do by a boss, you’re your own boss, you’re financially free, with respect to where you want to be at, because success is different for everybody. 

What has been your most luxurious experience thus far in your life?

We just came back from Bali, it was a pretty profound, life-changing type of trip…being able to see the different culture, and how people are so nice and laid-back, they’re cool, there’s no crime, you feel safe everywhere you go, that’s living life right there, and that’s luxurious. 

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