Publisher’s Letter: To Ellie

I have only penned three publisher’s letters in the six years of inWESTON. Truth is, I am not sure how many people bother to really read them, or find them interesting. In addition, I did not start this to promote myself or to see my picture in the magazine. This publication was created for the readers, advertisers and our employees. I learned long ago in my media career that if you treat each one of those groups with the truth, integrity and respect, you will succeed. Initially, I wanted to thank all of you as this May inWESTON Magazine celebrates our 50th issue. 

 After a lengthy career working for corporate America, I reached a crossroads. It was at that time that my mother stated, “Enough is enough, it is time to do something for you!” This was not the first time she had given me advice, or a piece of her mind, but she had seen enough of 80-hour work weeks and knew too well that loyalty to an employee disappeared along with the gold watch! Upon taking her advice, there was no need to call in a creative team of advertising executives to help choose a name for this new company. My father Larry and mother Ellen were my inspiration, mentors, and always believed in me even in those periods of time when I doubted myself. This is how “Larel Media” came into being, and it was an honor to have them as our namesakes.

May also marks Mother’s Day. For countless years, I, like many of you, ran in and out of Hallmark, sent flowers, attended barbecues and recognized “Mom.” Through the years the rituals remained the same; seems like the only thing that changed was the amount of time running up and down the aisles as now cards were needed not only for Mom, but for wives, daughters, and of course all the ones you have to buy from the kids and “family pet.” How I would resent having to spend $67.84 for bad poetry and the wrong size envelopes.

What I did not realize was that in May of 2018, I would be buying my last Mother’s Day card. On March 27, Ellen Dinetz finally lost her battle to cancer at the age of 82. My father lost his childhood sweetheart, my family lost their matriarch, my company lost one half of whom they were named for, eight children lost a grandmother and three boys lost their mom. She taught us many valuable lessons: how to laugh, how to cry, how to live and over the past few months how to die. The reality has not clicked in yet, I hope it never does. I lost my mom, my friend, my rock and number one fan with one final breath.

To all of you who have supported us from our first issue, we thank you. To all of you who will be honored on Mother’s Day we salute you. As for me, I dedicate this 50th issue and this Mother’s Day to Ellie. I love you mom.


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