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Practical Advice for any Dad: Realtor and PGA golfer, Dean Sklar, shares what life and golf have taught him about raising kids.

Above: Cody, Dean and Paige Sklar.

What did the sport of golf teach you that you were able to implement in fatherhood?

It helped shape the lives of my children by reinforcing values like integrity, respect and perseverance through the game of golf.

What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you found out you and Rose were going to be parents for the first time? 

How am I going to share the same incredible amount of love that I have for my beautiful wife Rose and have all that love and more for our child on the way?

What was something your father said to you about raising children that you now realize was so wise and true?

To always be accessible to your children and to listen to what they are asking you. Put the phone down; take your eyes away from any other distractions around you, and give them your total undivided attention. Don’t always be so hard on them and let them have freedom to do whatever they want to pursue in their future. Never force anything onto them such as…“you have to be a doctor when you grow [up] or…a PGA Golf Professional like me etc.” Let them follow their own dreams and passion in life.

What’s the one faux pas you remember experiencing as a first time dad (maybe it was putting the Pampers on backwards)? 

Getting distracted at an outdoor concert and turning around when the lights went out for the show and my son Cody took off and when his Mom arrived she asked “Where’s Cody?”…and I could not answer her then realized that the lead singer helped him up on the stage [and asked] for someone to claim their child.

Above: Rose, Cody, Paige and Dean on a family vacation. 

What’s been the most rewarding thing about being a parent? What fills you with the most joy in regards to each of your children?

Watching them grow up to be respectful and kind to others while they both rise to the top when challenged. Our daughter Paige is beautiful both inside and out and has an amazing talent for musical theater. Cody is the Founder and President of the Entrepreneur Club for the University of Miami and was recently selected as their sole representative in the ACC Championship for Entrepreneurs and is now [launching] his new company Wander Without Worry. It’s a meal delivery company that delivers allergy free food.

What’s a piece of advice every dad needs to know, one you wish someone had told you sooner?

They grow up too fast. Before you know it they are driving and off to college in a blink of an eye.

How would you answer this question: The honest truth about fatherhood is that you need these two distinctive characteristics to do a good job…

Show your children how being kind and [treating] others how you want to be treated goes a long way.

Show them that hard work pays off by leading by example. Express to them in action how having passion for what you do pays off in the long run. 

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