STEM Programs in South Florida

by Eric Edelman

Being a trendy kid is about more than having a sharp mind and limitless potential—you need the right environment to foster that potential. There’s no better way to get a future flyer prepped for takeoff than with enrollment in one of Broward County’s top STEM programs.

American Heritage School

As the nation’s top private school, American Heritage is nationally and world-renowned for its athletics, academics, and most prominently, its elite-tier STEM program. With a nationally ranked robotics program, accolades in numerous scientific and mathematics competitions, few programs in the nation—let alone South Florida—come close to touching American Heritage’s prestigious legacy of excellence in STEM.

The Sagemont School

The Sagemont School is Weston’s premier private school, but in particular, also boasts a strong STEM program, with a pipeline starting at the elementary level that carries all the way through high school. Students get hands-on learning opportunities that challenge them in a number of STEM sectors, including robotics, engineering, and more. 

Posnack School

The Posnack School combines a traditional Jewish curriculum with advanced STEM classes and unique extracurricular experiences. From trips to industry leaders in engineering, to hands-on robotics classes and collegiate-level courses, for parents looking for the perfect combination of rich Jewish culture and an advanced STEM educational pathway, this is the perfect choice. 

NSU University School

Nova Southeastern University School leads the state in mathematics and is home to Florida’s top-ranked robotics team—with specializations in design and programming. With an unparalleled 100 percent acceptance rate for the school’s graduating seniors at top colleges and universities, NSU is a top option for parents looking to prepare their kids for an exceptional career in either science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. 

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

More than expert instruction and an emphasis on hands-on learning in all things STEM, St. Thomas Aquinas gives students the chance to engage with groundbreaking technologies and tools to bring STEM education to life like never before imagined. From their Anatomage table—a touch-sensitive simulated human cadaver—to VR goggles, students don’t just get a practical education; they get an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime. 

Pine Crest School

Pine Crest earned a reputation for its commitment to excellence in athletics as well as the classroom, but the well-regarded school has also made a name for itself in the realm of STEM. Aside from experienced and expert instruction, the school’s The Zimmerman Family Innovation and Technology Institute is home to innovative tools, training modules, and STEM-centric rigor that will stimulate and inspire students interested in pursuing STEM as a career. 

STEM Summer Camp at Weston YMCA

Looking for a summer program that’s more than just a grand ‘ol time? Check out Weston’s STEM Summer Camp program at the Weston YMCA. Aside from fun and engaging activities, the program challenges campers by exposing them to engineering and design challenges, while even giving them a crash course in coding languages. The YMCA’s STEM Summer camp is the perfect supplement to a year-round STEM educational program. 

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